Biophilia is what happens when man and nature establish a harmonious dialogue.

Biophilia is here.


The planet is in crisis.

The younger generations live in fear of the consequences of climate change: in fact, 75% of young people experience panic, anger, anxiety and sadness about the future (data from the University of Bath, UK). 

The effects of these concerns are far from trivial: they are a challenge that we all have to face. 

Every single activity that we do today must contribute to the wellbeing of the planet: the world desperately needs new ideas and new solutions.

WELCOME is a destination for those who want to be part of the construction of a new model for regeneration firmly rooted in the principles of health and wellbeing, sustainability and resilience.

“Biophilia is the love of Life. Everything that is alive attracts us and can evoke emotions in us.”

Edward O. Wilson

Biophilia: the way forward for the future of our planet

An innate empathy for nature lives in every human being: the great scholar Edward O. Wilson called this ‘biophilia’.

Following the path of biophilia means helping man to reconnect with his roots, in total harmony with the natural environment.

This is the only way that humanity’s potential can truly be expressed to its fullest.

Together, architecture and nature can redefine our cities and combat climate change.

WELCOME has anticipated the future of offices by bringing biophilia into the world of architecture and work.

The biophilic office of the future is here:
people and nature together again

At WELCOME, nature is always close at hand, with constant reminders in the elements that characterise the building, as well as in the presence of the immense Lambro Park at its doorstep.

Natural materials, such as wood, blend in seamlessly with the environment. 

Meanwhile, vast windows allow sunlight to flood the interior spaces.

The biophilic office

increases productivity by


reduces stress by
The layout is flexible and can be rearranged in unusual ways in order to better suit the needs of those who work at WELCOME.
Studies show that biophilic design increases productivity by 15% and reduces stress by 37%, thus promoting workers’ concentration and satisfaction.

WELCOME is “a manifesto for the cities of the future”, as Kengo Kuma himself defined it in his discussion with botanist Stefano Mancuso at the Venice Biennale: an example which can provide inspiration for understanding the dialogue between people and nature, architecture and the environment


People-friendly architecture

The feeling you get when you climb into a treehouse as a child translates into the sense of freedom, harmony and protection that you get when you walk into a biophilic office.


Organic architecture encapsulates the positive experience of being in touch with nature: it is the protagonist of an environment that is both aesthetically and structurally harmonious.

“If I touch the earth with my foot and touch the trees with my hand, I can perceive the reality of a place. This is my method, this is the starting point of a dialogue with the place.”

Kengo Kuma, 2018

Kengo Kuma & Associates:
a new architectural language

Architecture firm Kengo Kuma & Associates has introduced the principles of biophilia into architecture with Europa Risorse, creating a wonderful building that blends in with the natural landscape of Lambro Park.

Kengo Kuma’s goal has always been to create buildings that are not merely independent objects, but gateways into life.

WELCOME is seamlessly integrated into the context, becoming an extension of the nature around it, where ‘boundaries disappear’.


The ESG criteria are three fundamental dimensions for verifying and concretely measuring the commitment of each activity in the long term to safeguarding people and the Planet: these are Environmental, Social and Governance.

Environmental measures the environmental impact of each activity based on factors such as the containment of CO2 emissions, the use of renewable energy and food safety.

Social includes business decisions that have a social impact, such as gender equality and attention to working conditions, but also initiatives that contribute to the well-being of citizens.

Governance concerns the management of the company in compliance with meritocracy and diversity policies, in the communication and transmission of sustainability data achieved by the activity.

WELCOME’s commitment

WELCOME is an urban and environmental regeneration project that aims for – and achieves – very high environmental, social and governance standards. WELCOME is committed to:


Minimize CO2 emissions

and to compensate 100% those produced over the course of its life cycle also thanks to the planting of trees in the Milan area or elsewhere; to finance the transformation of thermoelectric plants into renewable energy plants; to introduce native plant species favoring the restoration of local habitats.


Ensure equal opportunities

training, health and safety for workers: WELCOME adopts strategic policies to generate a positive social impact. In addition, the new Piazza with essential services contributes to the well-being of citizens and to meet the needs of the community.


Manage business with professionalism

thanks to two new key figures such as the Chief Health Officer and the Chief Sustainability Officer, who guarantee equal opportunities and constant communication of data on sustainability and biophilia, such as air purification and energy saving.

WELCOME: looking towards 2030

The reference points that underpin the ESG philosophy are the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) set out in the UN’s 2030 Agenda.
WELCOME directly acts on 11 of these goals:
WELCOME guarantees modern and quality services, for personal wellbeing.
WELCOME creates training opportunities and raises awareness on key issues such as nutrition.
WELCOME minimises the consumption of energy, water and natural resources.
WELCOME makes use of renewable energy through energy and environmental monitoring.
WELCOME offers large and bright spaces that allow us to work better.
WELCOME has numerous technical features that make it possible to create an innovative working environment.
WELCOME meets the needs of the wider community by establishing a new centrality for Milan, complete with essential services.
WELCOME adopts a rainwater management system to ensure its reclamation and reuse.
WELCOME promotes sustainable mobility by integrating car sharing services and electric car charging points.
WELCOME encourages the restoration of local habitats by carefully selecting native plant species for incorporation.
WELCOME has obtained Social Responsibility certifications for the management of human rights.

A project waiting to be discovered

Discover all the benefits of biophilic design and its environmental impact, as well as more about organic architecture, through the insights, interviews and interesting facts in Booklets 1, 2 and 3.