2.700 smq

1.100 smq
Meeting areas

2.000 smq
Restaurant and cafe

52.000 sqm
Total GLA

1.800 smq
Commercial spaces

100 m
From Lambro Park

Parking spaces
43.500 smq
Biophilic office


A concept inspired by nature that redefines the urban skyline

Architecture and nature. ​The design strategies:

Green Base
An area brimming with different species of trees and shrubs on the ground floor
Green Energy
Photovoltaic panels to produce renewable energy
Green Pockets
Areas of greenery ensconced in open-air courtyards
Green Veils
A cascade of native plant life on the terraces

Architecture and nature. ​The design strategies:

Green Base
Green Energy
An area brimming with different species of trees and shrubs on the ground floor
Photovoltaic panels to produce renewable energy
Green Pockets
Green Veils
Areas of greenery ensconced in open-air courtyards
A cascade of native plant life on the terraces

A healthy, comfortable environment designed with people in mind.

Natural light, natural materials, natural colours.

A view over Lambro Park.

Noise control.

Large, airy spaces and staircases that inspire movement.

Biophilic design is the design of buildings and landscapes that improve people’s physical and mental wellbeing by fostering positive connections between people and nature.

Stephen Robert Kellert,
Professor of Social Ecology, Yale University

7.300 sqm plant-covered terraces

Biophilic office: the elements

The outdoor spaces include vegetable gardens, flower gardens, lawns and promenades. The larger terraces can be used for business meetings, informal conferences, gatherings and events.
A high percentage of natural light penetrates deep into WELCOME’s interior spaces, flooding in through the vast windows, so you can save energy and reduce light pollution.

-50% artificial lighting

1.300 sqm courtyards and internal gardens

Informal spaces to meet and work, to relax and chat amidst the scents of nature.
Large arcades where it is also possible to set up exhibitions, craft fairs and the like.

1.500 sqm arcades

360 sqm bioclimatic greenhouse

Dedicated to the cultivation of vegetables, the greenhouse is also a special space accessible to citizens, where you can organize events or parties with a view of Milan and the immense Parco Lambro.
Paths surrounded by gently rolling green hills invite passers-by into the heart of the square, which is a meeting point and gateway to Parco Lambro.

4.700 sqm green piazza

Con la Fabbrica dell’Aria,
WELCOME tocca una vetta di innovazione.

In Welcome, l’interazione di piante e microrganismi “biofiltra” l’aria. Ideata da PNAT, azienda di designer e biologi e spin-off dell’Università di Firenze, la Fabbrica dell’Aria garantisce la qualità dell’aria in 3.489 mq dell edificio, così si può diminuire il tasso di ventilazione e quindi risparmiare energia.


Traditional materials, contemporary architecture

Natural materials create an innovative structure with positive effects on the microclimate. 

Concrete is used only in the basement and cores, leaving a synergy of wood and steel to take centre stage.

Wooden overhangs provide protection from the sun in the summer and from the elements all year round. Meanwhile, the building’s glass shell lets in plenty of natural light and opens up the view to the landscape and life all around it.


High environmental performance
The various systems installed in the complex use on-site renewable energy, maximum energy efficiency and digital connectivity, to ensure optimal wellbeing and comfort.
The heating and cooling system functions by way of electric heat pumps and groundwater heat pumps. The air conditioning system consists of underfloor units.

Heating and air conditioning

Energy consumption

About 10% of the energy requirements are met by the power self-produced by photovoltaic panels, which are located on the rooftops and oriented to ensure maximum efficiency.
For a responsible approach in the exploitation of water resources, 100% of the water needs for irrigation are covered with the recovery of rainwater and with the groundwater recovered downstream from the heat exchange.

Water cycle

Light and brightness

In addition to the large windows, WELCOME is also equipped with a smart lighting system that guarantees 85% of natural light, ensuring unrivalled visual comfort in the workplace.

Air Factory

With the Air Factory, WELCOME is at the peak of innovation

At WELCOME, the interaction of plants and micro-organisms ‘biofilters’ the air.

Created by the neuro-botanist Stefano Mancuso and PNAT – a company of designers and biologists associated with the University of Florence – the Air Factory is a biomachine that purifies indoor air by using plants to remove pollutants.

«La Fabbrica dell'Aria è una struttura vetrata dotata di un sistema di circolazione e canalizzazione che forza l'aria interna agli edifici a passare attraverso le radici e le foglie delle piante, prima di essere reimmessa nello spazio, pura.»

Stefano Mancuso
Why is this so important?
  • We spend about 90% of our time indoors


  • Indoor air pollution is the third-largest cause of poor health


  • ¾ of 4,000 deaths are linked to poor indoor air quality (source: UNICEF)

At WELCOME, plants become the heart of technology: the Air Factory ensures that the air is clean and safe throughout the almost 4,000m2 of the building, meaning that the ventilation rate can be reduced and energy therefore saved.


The most advanced ecological project in Europe. As confirmed by:

LEED®, a sustainability certification that focuses on the consumption of resources, such as energy, water and materials;

WELL Building StandardTM, the first rating system that takes into account all the elements of a project that affect people’s health and wellbeing, both directly and indirectly.
WiredScore, the first rating system that assesses a building’s degree of digital connectivity and smartness, with a view to creating innovative and dynamic working environments.


Safe, healthy environments
WELCOME subscribes to important guidelines – such as ASHRAE, RHEVA, AiCARR and the ISS Report – to ensure personal health, high air quality, and a conscious use of energy and natural resources for everyone.
With a view to making the workspaces safe places to be, a range of mitigation systems have been adopted:
Indoor space particulate matter monitoring devices (PM2.5, PM10)
Air filtration and treatment systems using static filters and activated carbon filters
UV lamps within air treatment units
Oversized air treatment units for increased ventilation rates


Work is already underway.

Coming to Milan in 2024.


Carbon Zero:
a crucial target

WELCOME is designed and managed to take into account its impact and minimize CO2 emissions throughout its life cycle.

For a regenerative future, WELCOME uses state-of-the-art systems and wood in its structure, a regenerable material with low energy expenditure.

 WELCOME will offset the emissions produced by planting trees in the Milan area or elsewhere and by financing the transformation of thermoelectric plants into renewable energy plants.

A regenerative approach to architecture

Regeneration means experimenting with low environmental impact technical solutions capable of creating new relational models and lifestyles. For a positive impact on the local area.

Native plant species

360 smq
Bioclimatic greenhouse

3.500 smq
Space served by the Air Factory

Rainwater reused

CO emissions

3.800 smq
Photovoltaic panels



Vast, carefully-designed spaces
The particular shape, the modularity of the façades and the installations allow WELCOME to offer a wide range of options for aggregating offices, both horizontally and vertically.


Your office, just the way you want it.
Three independent lift groups are strategically positioned, together with the bathrooms, to maximize the flexibility of the spaces: every tenant can customize their workplace to suit the needs of their business. Terraces, gardens, and convivial and informal spaces provide a perfect complement for the ideal office.


Modernity, security, quality

Amongst the greenery of the ground floor, the integrated services at WELCOME offer hospitality, collaboration, wellbeing and sustainable mobility.


Reception and service management with qualified staff


Meeting rooms and spaces for events and conferences


Shared and informal working spaces for meetings, including outdoors

Quality food

A wide choice and variety of food and drink options

Gym & wellness

Fitness course, gym and changing rooms
Supermarket and shops
Essential services on the ground floor for workers and citizens
Sharing & Car care
Bike, motorbike, scooter and car maintenance and sharing services, plus electric vehicle charging stations
Parcel service
Amazon Lockers for e-commerce purchases


Outstanding governance

The Chief Health Officer and Chief Sustainability Officer are the two new key figures who ensure that WELCOME is managed in a smooth, professional way. .

The Chief Health Officer creates opportunities to exercise, eat healthily, and use common spaces for socialising. In a word, an invitation to wellbeing.

The Chief Sustainability Officer is responsible for managing the company’s sustainability policies so as to maintain the highest standards of governance.